Uncapped: Being a Woman in the Male-Dominated Graffiti Scene [OP-ED]

Posted on: November 12th, 2015 at 10:47 am by

Anon #7

I’ve listened to people vent and regale their beef about the person they’re gonna “murder,” shoot, kill, or stab for “going over their piece.” I’ve watched friendships dissolve. Crews fight, oh and guess what? Social media documenting it step-by-step. I am gay; I am open and proud. I went with a good friend of mine to the collective just to find out being gay in graffiti is completely socially unacceptable which is interesting because I met a good number of homosexual writers. Shhh! Don’t tell. Honey, please. When you talk about my anus more than a colonoscopy specialist- something’s up. Not to mention what I saw. But don’t worry – keep talking about fucking chicks. Protest too much.


Yep, I’m not hiding who I am because I’m not ashamed of what I learned by starting Uncapped: Beneath the Paint for Bowery Boogie. When interviewing graffiti artists, I met several choice people with stand-up morals who have become amazing friends and a few others I would rather not have met at all. Rumors are only as good as … nope, no platitude there. Rumors are rumors. Unless you were there, you know nothing.

To the folks out there who have proven worthy of a real friendship, I thank you. To those who got the best of me, my willingness to trust and believe in the good, thank you as well for teaching me lessons I needed to learn the hard way.

So, to the male artists who fall into the category of ravenous beasts attacking women and degrading them, I would love to hear your perspective. These women, myself included, were brutally honest. Can you do the same? Then again, maybe you don’t even know that you act that way … I am sure some of the ladies who spoke to Boogie would be happy to tell you. For now, you’re good to go.

Shout out to … nah forget it.


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