Clayton’s Corner: Finding the Light on the LES [PHOTOS]

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Ed Higgins. An artist from the original Rivington School, considered an Anachaist art collective that took over abandoned lots to create artist spaces. The most well known was the one on Forsyth close to Rivington. They would find metal on the street and eventually would be welded together and make a high metal fence which surround and define the space.

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Eak The Geek, Edward Arrocha. When he used to worked at the Coney Island Sideshow, Arrocha was known as Eak the Geek, The Man who Tattooed his Face Like Outer Space. He was the Coney Island Illustrated man and the Pain Proof Man who withstood pain with people standing on him as he lay on a bed of nails.

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Jen Fisher. A bookseller who sold unique, hard to find literature, poetry. crime, and other niche market reading material. Selling books that were chosen and not just picked up.

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Eden Brower. Also know as an LES Slum Goddess. Brower was a longtime resident of C-Squat. Plays in the Eden and John East River String Band. The famous comic book artist Robert Crumb included John and Eden in a cover illustration of a record called Ever Felt The Pain? With John Heneghan and His Henpecked Husbands. Often seen hanging around Ray’s Candy Store on Avenue A. She told me her longtime buddy (and my friend), Biker Billy, has someone looking to cave his head in so Billy has not been hanging around the same spot.

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Carl Rosenstein. Back in the restless and wild political days of Tompkins Square Park, Rosenstein used to be the third member of a radical political group known as Class-War Organizer, along with Joel Myers and John “The Communist” Potok. Carl gave up his place in a squat and moved uptown. He is sad about this move. He works as a clean-up person at Theater 80.

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Juicy Lucy of Juicey Lucy Juice Bar, 72 East First Street corner. Serves the best Fresh Juice, Smooties, Cold Pressed Organic Juice and Cleanses, Vegan Treats, Soups and Snacks. And a great Care Con Leche. And Lucy’s smile alone is worth the visit.

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Mariann Marlowe, proprietor of ENZ clothing store. Located beside the 2nd Avenue explosion site near East 7th Street. It has been a long, hard struggle for her to get back on her feet. She received a small pinch of help, but really, it was all just believing in her business and a lot of hard work.

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Jimi Celeste, the pet rescue man. Celeste is a well-known photographer, and now, a web celebrity with his streaming video strolls around the LES.

All photos are courtesy of Clayton Patterson.

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