Uncapped: Terrible T Kid 170 and How ‘Graffiti Saved My Life’

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OMG. Wait. Our obligatory question – how did TKid get his name? Well, RiotSound knocked it out the park a while back … check it out:  

I used to write KING 13 – so I was walking up the block and tagging my name everywhere I could and I landed on this bodega icebox and that’s when I got approached by three gang members from this gang called The [Bronx] Enchanters. They tapped me on my shoulder and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. They told me I was tagging on their turf and, you know, I wasn’t supposed to do that; I didn’t even know what turf was and they explained it to me. Then they said – hey, listen pal, we know who you are, we’ve seen you do your thing on the swings over there, we like that, we think you’re cool but you’re tagging on our turf nonetheless. So they said – you can keep writing your name but you got to join the gang and tag up the gang [also] – which was The Bronx Enchanters – or, we’re going to beat you up. So I was like – yo, where do I sign, man?… I [ended up] leaving that gang and going to another gang and I changed my name from KING 13 to SEN 102. I joined The Renegades of Harlem and then [later on] I ended up getting into an altercation in the Bronx where I got shot.

Then after that I went up to the Bronx and ended up getting into a shootout at Crotona Park and I got shot…I was arrested, handcuffed to the bed and my brother showed up with markers and drawing paper and that’s when I came up with the name T-KID. It was a combination of what [people] used to call me. I was tall and skinny and the guys used to say – look, he looks like a big T! So they used to call me Big T. Being that I was so tall I used to hang with the older kids, all the gang members were always older than me and they would call me “kid”. Like – hey, get the kid to go steal the beer, get the kid to go rack up – you know, shit like that [laughs]. And I was writing those names, KID and BIG T, doing bubble letters and stuff with the drawing paper while I was handcuffed to the bed with my brother there and a cop out in the front. And I saw [the name] BIG T KID, and I says, wow I like that, T-KID.

And so it goes…

Peace, “YO!” (link to his work on Amazon and sales on Facebook. No shit.)

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