Skateboarder Skitching on Delancey, Loses Balance and Run Over by Truck [UPDATED]

Posted on: January 13th, 2016 at 5:12 am by

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Photo: DNAinfo

A 32-year-old skateboarder was fatally injured yesterday afternoon on Delancey Street when the truck he was skitching ran over him. The victim reportedly held onto the passenger side for a ride, but lost balance and fell behind the rear wheels in the intersection of Norfolk.

The westbound trucker was carrying a shipping container, and allegedly didn’t notice what happened until a few blocks later, according to DNAinfo.

UPDATE: NY Skateboarding confirms the identity of the skater as Richard Oates, owner of East River Skate Shop in Brooklyn.

“He had red marks [across his stomach] and the top of his hand was grinded off,” Froeber said. “It looked like a tube of toothpaste, like squished … He was in bad shape,” an eyewitness told the publication.

The skater was taken to Bellevue Hospital and died of his injuries. Cops are investigating the incident, but no further info just yet.

It’s worth noting that this area has become a choice location for skateboarders. The three-year-old Delancey Plaza affords plenty of open concrete and obstacles (benches, blocks) on the south side and is oftentimes quite busy.

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