Guy with Baseball Bat Threatens Bouncer at Pianos on Ludlow Street [VIDEO]

Posted on: June 3rd, 2016 at 5:15 am by
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It’s no secret that bad actors in the local nightlife game tend to attract violence. That much was made crystal clear the last couple months with the rash of local stabbings (and brawl).

And here’s another example of Hell Square in its prime. On Wednesday evening, just past midnight, a man wielding a baseball bat was spotted threatening what appears to be the bouncer outside of Pianos (though not confirmed). A tipster, who asked to remain anonymous, filmed the encounter at 158 Ludlow Street and explained that:

I did not see what caused this person to become upset but I did see that he walked over to this car. He opened the trunk and took out a baseball bat. At that point I was slightly in shock and took out my phone. He then started to walk towards Pianos and that is when the video started recording.

The party happening at Pianos that night was Club Crooks, a Portland-based “club music events and production company.”

We reached out to the 7th Precinct for more information, and confirmed that they weren’t alerted to this particular issue. However, the aggressive man was coincidentally arrested and taken in for a DWI later that night, unrelated to the baseball bat threatening.

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Pianos first arrived on the scene in 2002 and quickly became a go-to for upstart bands. That was when the local music scene was still hovering on the Lower East Side. Before decamping to Brooklyn. Problems with the community began to really surface three years in. The following excerpt from The Villager could have been written yesterday (substitute the long-gone L.O.C.O. for LES Dwellers)…

At 11 on Friday night, about 30 people lingered outside Pianos, a three-story bar/club/restaurant in the Lower East Side. On the sidewalk, smokers exhaled into the cool fall air. Others talked loudly into their cell phones. One clearly intoxicated young woman let out a high-pitched squeal before running into the arms of a friend she had been waiting for. Drivers, lined up along Ludlow and Stanton Streets, honked their horns as people jumped in and out of waiting taxis.

Walsh has called 311 and the Seventh Precinct and complained to Community Board 3, but nothing has helped, he said. He is also on the steering committee of L.O.C.O. (Ludlow-Orchard Community Organization), a local community group fighting bar proliferation in the East Village and Lower East Side.

Head over there on the peak weekend nights (including Thursday), and it’s the same deal. Lines snake around the block onto Stanton Street; oftentimes rowdy. During their liquor license renewal in the summer of 2014, Community Board 3 acknowledged as much, noting that “residents residing in the surrounding areas have continued to complain of persistent noise from loud unruly crowds outside of the business, music and bass emanating from the front of the business, and crowds blocking the sidewalk in front of the business entrance and on the corner of Stanton Street.”

Pianos is up for liquor license renewal again at the end of September.

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