These Spray-Painted Subway Train Light Fixtures are on Display at ‘Tunnel Lights’ Exhibit Tonight

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We have a little rounding up to do since our graff baby Uncapped: Beneath the Paint series has blossomed into a movement. Hosting shows that The Source magazine covered. Twice. Writing for international websites, curating events, etc. We are kind of a big deal. Can I say that about us? Yeah, why not.

Later tonight, Bowery Boogie, in connection with Smash Industries, will be displaying the art of Bizer, Rezor, SKEME, Amuze, Rise, Poet, Jerms and Topaz. Their art will be on trains; handmade trains that are steel replicas of our underground and elevated, beloved and hated, IRT, connecting them and me across the river, through the tunnel and ’round the bend to East New York from the Lower East Side…

Smash Industries is the brainchild of Legion Lighting, Brooklyn born and made for 70 years, So made in the USA, Yeah. Made in NYC? Yup. And as the proprietor exclaims ” Made in BROOKLYN, BABY!”

From their website:

Smash Industries LLC is “on track” to create a sustainable artistic incubator. Our signature product is the Artisan Series Subway Lighting fixture, a Certified GOLD Brooklyn Made  product, combining art and light. SMASH Events will give artists  opportunities to create , exhibit , instruct and invent in our Brooklyn warehouse.  This cooperative space  is being reno’d to include a subway car stage where random passenger skits will be performed and streamed live.  Its all very punny. We will also feature subway musicians at events. A portion of profits will always benefit local need and art based community programs through our “Trains for Gains” initiative.

This is not a toy train-set my friends. A light fixture with LED, motion activation and a fancy remote for good measure.

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Let’s introduce you to the players:


Skeme, early 80’s Graffiti writer…old skool style with a old skool smile….the trains and the show are both great vehicles to showcase some of that New York 80’s cultural heyday phenomenon…the art form and its primary surface, NYC subway cars, represent a time before NY was sanitized almost to the point of unrecognition….I’m honored to be among some great artist on this project, many of whom lived through and survived the times I’m talking about.


Gonna be a good show.

(We can always count on Poet for less than one sentence.)


I am very excited and honored to be part of this show, with so many talented writers. I was fortunate enough to see a few of the trains done by some of the other dudes and man!! There is some top notch stuff in this show. I can’t wait to see it all together and lit up!


I am  a professional artist specializing in urban creativity for over 25 years. Straight out of Queens, NY, I stay proudly involved in local and community projects in and around New York City. This collaboration between Bowery Boogie, Smash industries and myself is a match made in heaven! NYC Subway cars are an iconic representation of Graffiti art worldwide and to have authentic and talented artists, hand picked to do this project, brings our culture full circle. Not only will consumers have the opportunity to own an original, one of a kind piece of art, they will also be able to show it off and display it as a practical decorative item as it is also a functioning light fixture that will wow guests. I am honored to have been chosen to participate!


 Jerms aka Dj JS-1. I’m from the world famous Rock Steady Crew and have been a graffiti writer and DJ since the late ’80s. I’ve made a career of using spray paint and turntables while traveling the globe. This train show has a few eras of incredible graffiti writers, the trains are original and different than others, and will make a great piece in someone’s collection.


It’s going down my peoples! This is an Exclusive Show. This is one show that you don’t want to miss.


Just an average guy that likes to paint and have ideas outside the box. Myself and my team have come pretty far and hopefully we can continue to do something nice in the future as usual.

 This next show has lots of work put into it, but all the artist and smash industries alike. It is going to be really fun. I cant wait to see the final results of what we done together as a collective whole.


See you there. It will be memorable to say the least.

To say the very least. Oh, and for all you Style Wars fans, SKEME TMT recreated CRIME IN THE CITY, both sides, but you need to show up to see it.

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Actual train. Photo by Henry Chalfant

Got your attention now? Head back to the Lower – LoveCraft at 50 Avenue B, 7p to midnight. Down the stairs to the left. Bar to the right. Trains all around.


When the show is over, whatever does not sell will continue to be for sale (and rental) on SMASHINDUSTRIES.NET. You can contact me for more info on pricing.

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Swipe that.

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