With the Debut of ‘S’zen Mixology Lounge’ this Week, Another THOR Spot for Embattled Hell Square

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Embattled neighbors call it one of the most problematic operators dotting Hell Square. One that seemingly gets away with everything. Somehow the Hotel on Rivington continues to open (and close) new establishments on-premise without the benefit of public scrutiny.

The latest future grievance to arrive is a second-floor nightspot dubbed S’zen Mixology Lounge (i.e. scene + zen). Yeah, seriously. The numbing ad copy describes the establishment as a “classic mixology lounge [that] offers original crafted cocktails only with natural and quality ingredients, no artificial flavors or colors are added, hand-cut crafted ice, served in designers glasses and shakers.” You know it’s not geared to locals when the pitch goes on to boast S’zen as “located in the epicenter of the last standing wild neighborhood of NYC, Lower East Side, where you will be greeted by energetic street art, surrounded by buildings from every century and street and business signs written in Chinese, Italian, Hebrew.”


Albert Trummer, whose pedigree includes places like Apotheke and Sanatorium, is the main mixer here. According to its Facebook page, an opening is pegged at January 19.

Much like Cafe MediUpstairs on Rivington, and Jia, all located within the Hotel on Rivington, no alteration application of any kind was publicly heard before Community Board 3. Nor was there notice when hotel honcho Paul Stallings reportedly added Roberto Buchelli and Cory Lane to the corporation. Worse yet, the hotel license apparently was not placed on the SLA subcommittee agenda ahead of its renewal this past November, despite its controversial 3-1-1 record of some 61 complaints.

Par for the course.

In addition, here is Buchelli boasting on Instagram how he’s changing the Lower East Side. For the worse. Buchelli is known for throwing wild EDM parties at his nightclub, Provacateur.


So, in less than a year, four boisterous clubs were permitted at 107 Rivington Street, and residents in the immediate vicinity are caught in the proverbial crossfire. Traffic, noise, and crime are all on the rise. Those affected report ear-breaking music levels and elevated bass vibrating their homes.

It’s clear Community Board 3 doesn’t care to help mitigate the problem, either.

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