Educational Alliance Advocates Inclusiveness with ‘We The People’ Mural Unveiling

Posted on: January 24th, 2017 at 5:17 am by
Photo: Educational Alliance

Photo: Educational Alliance

The “We The People mural” has officially been unveiled, and with it, a new initiative to stand behind the diversity of the Lower East Side. Stand behind its many inhabitants, some of whom having been targeted by a rise in hate crimes and speech following the 2016 presidential election. A brave new world.

As such, the Educational Alliance will host a series of events, workshops, and community forums, including a “Know Your Rights” forum happening on January 25, in partnership with NYC’s Mayor’s Office on Immigration Affairs. Here people can acquire information on immigration fraud, immigrant rights, and services available to immigrants from New York Legal Assistance Group.


Below, some choice words from the unveiling ceremony.

Educational Alliance President & CEO Alan van Capelle:

“Since its founding on the Lower East Side more than 128 years ago, Educational Alliance has stood for each and every person in our community. While our neighborhood has changed, our resolve to protect the most vulnerable members of our society from hateful and unjust actions has not. At a time when our nation is experiencing an increase in hate speech and hate crimes against religious, racial, and ethnic minorities, we are drawing a line in the sand and reminding our community that the story of this nation is written by We the People. To that end, our We the People Initiative will ensure that no matter your color, race, or creed, we will stand together with you in the name of inclusiveness, equal rights, justice, and fairness. That’s because whatever tomorrow brings, New Yorkers always have each other’s back.”

Joanna Samuels, Executive Director of Manny Cantor Center:

“The unveiling and signing of our We the People mural represents a kind of civic ritual that will help us to be whole.  Signing this multi-lingual mural, which features lines from the Declaration of Independence, enables us to celebrate the rights we hold dear and it helps us to remember that we, too, are part of the American narrative.”

The mural will remain in the main lobby of Manny Cantor Center for the next two months. No word on what is to become of it after that… perhaps they’ll let it be. Visitors can sign the mural on an ongoing basis.

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