The Pickle Guys are Opening a Fried Pickles (and Burger) Joint Next Door

Posted on: January 4th, 2017 at 5:10 am by


No sooner did the Pickle Guys get up and running at the new headquarters than more news about its “eatery” announced.

Indeed, as we were the first publication to report last week, the Pickle Guys are planning a fast-food-ish joint next to its new location at 357 Grand Street. Details were rather scant at the time of our original publication, but now more info has come to light.

Eater followed up with the briney scoop on the as-yet-unnamed endeavor. It’ll be a sidecar takeaway concept that focuses on fried offerings from the pickle barrels next door. Expect everything from pickles and okra to tomatoes and mushrooms. The side-dish here will be grilled items like beef and chicken sliders, as well as burgers. The plan is to keep everything kosher, purportedly keeping in line with owner Alan Kaufman’s dedication to keeping the neighborhood’s Jewish history alive.

The new eatery is slated for debut in March or April.

Pickle Guys proprietor Alan Kaufman founded the business fourteen years ago at 49 Essex Street. That was the year that Guss’ Pickles split for Orchard Street. Kaufman was head honcho under the reign of Guss, but decided to hang back and relocate a few stores away to #49. They expanded to Midwood, Brooklyn in 2008, but closed down a few months ago in anticipation of the Grand Street store. (There is now a delivery program servicing that area.)

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