Bareburger Owners Look to Take Over ‘Hill & Dale’ on Allen Street

Posted on: March 9th, 2017 at 5:09 am by


Four years into operations, the phonograph-themed Hill & Dale is about to change hands. And it might soon go to the purveyors of one of the city’s most prolific burger chains.

According to paperwork filed with Community Board 3, owner-operators of Bareburger, Nikolaos Marolachakis and Nikolaos Galanis, hope to take control of the business. It appears that the duo will keep the Allen Street bar intact, yet the sale of assets triggers a new liquor license application for the duo. The pitch includes closing times of 2am during the week and 4am on weekends, with DJs on Friday and Saturday nights. They’ll go before the SLA subcommittee on Monday evening.

No word yet on whether Bareburger fare will be added to the menu here…

Hill & Dale opened at 115 Allen Street in 2013, and is the most successful of its most recent predecessors (i.e. Allen & Delancey, Mary Queen of Scots).

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