Cashing in on the Bowery Graffiti Wall with ‘Limited Edition’ Prints

Posted on: May 24th, 2017 at 10:22 am by

Last week, Goldman Properties announced that art fans could “own a piece” of the famous Bowery Graffiti Wall. “For the first time in history,” the copy read in all-caps, people could purchase limited edition prints of the PichiAvo mural (“Urbanmythology”) currently holding court. Cashing in on the wall.

Seventy-five 47” x 15” archival color prints, signed and numbered by the artists, were made available. We are told that only one remains. Below is a description and how you can get your hands on the last one…

Beginning on Monday May 15 and until the prints sell out, a never to be repeated one time opportunity to purchase a signed and numbered print of the iconic wall will commence.  Priced at $350 each, below the market price for a work like this, the prints will be made available via an interactive code, which will appear on a plaque on the Houston Bowery wall Monday morning.  “People who are interested in purchasing the prints will need to visit the site and enter the unique code found on the wall at the website.  From there they will be guided through the purchase process,” explained Goldman Srebnick. “We are always being asked if there are reproductions of the fantastic art that is on display at Houston Bowery.  With the artists’ cooperation we are making it possible to preserve this impressive mural.”

The aforementioned plaque is on the easternmost point of the wall, and was previously announced with balloon fanfare.

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