Chin and Marte Duke it out for Two Bridges Votes in City Council Race

Posted on: August 4th, 2017 at 5:00 am by

The race for City Council District 1 is heating up big time. This week, the two main contenders hit the Lower East Side waterfront to stump for ever-precious votes.

Councilwoman Margaret Chin looks to be in desperation mode to keep her job, as grassroots pressure from upstart Chris Marte mounts. But in Two Bridges, the incumbent seemingly faces a tide of fed-up opposition. One need only attend community meetings or the recent environmental scoping sessions for waterfront development to gauge how some of the locals feel. She’s often been accused by residents for playing both sides and being a lap-dog for developers.

Which makes this incendiary flyer all the more interesting (or entertaining). “Don’t listen to lies being spread by outsiders,” the literature demands. There’s plenty of us-versus-them rhetoric about how these so-called untruths have “prevented our community from moving forward.” Presumably, Chin is referring to opposition efforts by the Coalition to Protect Chinatown and the Lower East Side, which has been calling for the councilwoman to resign for months. The missive also says that “they are the ones that have kept us from enacting a feasible plan to rezone and protect our neighborhoods by disrupting and shutting down meetings.”

Marte, meanwhile, dispatched his own street team to the neighborhood this week to distribute flyers and tape up posters.

With four skyscraping super-tall towers on the way, it’s estimated that thousands of apartments will flood the coastline in the next few years. That’s a substantial number of votes…

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