Extell’s 80-Story Stain on the LES Skyline Finally Tops Out

Posted on: September 29th, 2017 at 5:00 am by

It’s an indelible stain on the skyline, visible from all corners of the Lower East Side. One Manhattan Square, the 850-foot (80 stories) “vertical village” on South Street, finally reached the top yesterday. Meaning, it won’t go any higher. This is likely the most important milestone since ground-break three years ago.

Not that you would know it, as skyward progress is nearly impossible to see from a normal vantage point. (And it’s probably too high for the token American flag topper.) Real estate circles are nevertheless buzzing about the achievement, despite Extell being mum on the matter.

Photo: One Manhattan Square Instagram feed

The journey to the heights of the Lower East Side hasn’t been easy for the Extell Development Company, though. There were several publicized hurdles along the way, such as a sinking Cherry Street, stop-work orders for cracking walls at 82 Rutgers, and even a purported lawsuit brought by Con Edison for “nearly causing a steam explosion.” Not to mention the hell nearby residents endured during the incessant pile-driving.

But it’s okay, upper-crust residents filling out the 815 condo units will get their indoor bowling alley, movie theater, Turkish baths, and 75-foot swimming pool.

Pathmark is but a hazy memory at this point. Seems so long ago now, doesn’t it.

Before the tower, September 2012

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