Instagram Jumpstarts ‘#KindComments’ Campaign at Bowery Wall with Lakwena’s Mural

Posted on: September 27th, 2017 at 5:02 am by

London-based artist Lakwena spent the last several days imparting the kaleidescopic mural onto the Bowery Wall. It reads, “Lift You Higher.”

However, as it turns out, the art is really just a marketing stunt to promote Instagram’s #KindComments campaign in partnership with Goldman Properties. Stanchions were placed in front of the wall yesterday afternoon to sequester the special guests from sidewalk gen-pop. Unveiling new art at the Bowery Wall is apparently a velvet rope affair these days.

Lakwena’s mural will remain on display through January 2018.

An excerpt from the inbox:

In collaboration with Instagram for their #KindComments campaign, these two companies are working together to spread kindness around the world through uplifting artistry that is symbolized by Lakwena’s bright, signature aesthetic and positive messages.

“Goldman Properties and Goldman Global Arts are thrilled to be a part of this incredibly synergistic partnership. We all desire to make a positive impact, and this is a time where we feel that the world needs kind words more than ever. This is the perfect opportunity to share this strong message through a multifaceted, collaborative platform – social media, public art and performance.” said Jessica Goldman Srebnick, CEO of Goldman Properties and Co-Founder of Goldman Global Arts. “We chose Lakwena in keeping with the history of the Houston Bowery Wall as a platform to celebrate world-class street art. Her use of bright bold colors, geometric patterns and magnetic statements is a perfect fit to kick off the #KindComments initiative. ”

Instagram’s Chief Operating Officer Marne Levine spoke to the partnership stating “On Instagram, we have seen how images create empathy, bring people closer, and promote understanding. Recently, we’ve also noticed how people come together around beautiful murals and street art to take photos and share their stories. That’s why we’re transforming walls around the world into colorful beacons of kindness – to encourage people not only to come together as a community but also to spread #KindComments and compassion.” Levine further noted “We hope these colorful murals around the world, and the kind comments they inspire, uplift and strengthen connections in real life and on Instagram.”

The NYC mural will be the first in a series of 10 #KindComments walls around the world including murals in Dallas, Chicago, Washington, DC, Mexico, Brazil, India, Indonesia and more.

The #KindComments walls are part of Instagram’s commitment to foster kindness on the platform and build tools and programs that will create a safe space for self-expression for the global community. By focusing on kindness in comments, they hope to acknowledge the important ways people care for each other every day.

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