This Street Artist is Paying Tribute to the Art Lost on 9/11 [PHOTOS]

Posted on: September 11th, 2017 at 9:33 am by

A prolific street artist who wishes to remain anonymous spent this morning paying tribute to the losses sustained in the terrorist attacks on 9/11 sixteen years ago. Of both life and culture. The activist placed pieces around the World Trade Center area that memorialize the artworks lost on that day.

The person behind the placements tells us…

There were many pieces lost by artists such as Calder, Miro, Ronald Mallory, Rodin.

The New York Timesdescribed Michael Richards as “a rising star among black artists [in the 1990s]. He was in a group show with Kara Walker and Kerry James Marshall.” Unfortunately, he worked overnight in the art residency program based in floors 91 and 92 of the North Tower on September 10 and died in the attacks the next morning

Over 44,000 negatives by JFK’s photographer, Jaques Lowe, were destroyed; Citi Group lost around 1,500 artworks and artist Justine Cooper sadly moved all life’s work into the North Tower two weeks before the attacks.

Of course the human loss was devastating, but the artistic loss to humanity was huge that day and remains largely forgotten.

The artwork is meant to reflect the idea of the art coming out of the darkness. Placement varied from the Miro Tapestry hung on construction webbing, the Al Held piece, placed opposite 7WTC where it originally hung, and the Christian Nguyen tree window piece now hanging on the Zuccoti Park tree that was the “interfaith Tree” during Occupy Wall Street.

After 16 years, hopefully these pieces, dispersed around the same area the original art was, will open up a debate as to why the art lost on 9/11 has never been fully documented or celebrated.

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