Celebrating 50 Years of ‘A.N. Headwear’ on Orchard Street

Posted on: October 19th, 2017 at 5:14 am by

A.N. Headwear is throwing its hat into the art exhibit ring.

Longtime Greek Jewish community member, Aris Negrin, has peddled hats for fifty years on upper Orchard Street. At the same address, in fact – 145 Orchard.

He initially amassed his collection from hat warehouses or hat stores, being particularly drawn to pieces that people brushed off or didn’t care about. Fast forward to present day, Negrin continues to sell the unique and popular alike.

To commemorate such successful local longevity, he’s hosting a special art show that celebrates both the Orchard Street shop and the history of mom-and-pops on the Lower East Side. After all, fifty years is quite a feat in a neighborhood hell-bent on driving out old timers with obscene rent hikes.

Photo: Nando N., Yelp

Kehila Kedosha Janina board member (and nephew of Aris) Maurice Negrin stated, “I often consider my uncle’s hat shop as an extension to the KKJ as one of the last remaining examples of a living breathing museum exhibit symbolizing what life was like in the neighborhood, when people first immigrated to the Lower East Side. A place where countless humble mama and papa shops once existed and reflected the dreams of a better life in the new world of so many of our ancestors who took the journey to come here.”

Check it out this Sunday October 22 from 12-6pm at A.N. Headwear, 145 Orchard Street.

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