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In Attempted Orchard Street Heist, Arsonist Crook Douses ‘Yaf Sparkle’ Employee in Lighter Fluid

An employee of Yaf Sparkle on Orchard Street was reportedly doused in gasoline during a heist at the jewelry store yesterday afternoon.

The perp, one Kevin Scurry, entered 158 Orchard Street shortly after 3pm pretending to be a customer. When a female employee showed him some trinkets, he proceeded to drench her in lighter fluid while holding a cigarette lighter, police said.

Scurry then grabbed the jewelry and fled the store, while co-workers gave chase down Orchard Street. Cops spotted the thief and collared him on the spot. He was reportedly charged with robbery.

No injuries were reported in the incident, according to the Daily News, and the stolen sundries were found discarded on Rivington Street.