Best of Boogie: The Most Popular Stories of 2017

Posted on: December 27th, 2017 at 5:12 am by

On the precipice of the new year, we take another look back at the stories which broke through big in the last twelve months. Many thanks once again to all the readers, tipsters, and supporters – old and new – who help keep Bowery Boogie one of the most popular blogs in the city.

Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Synagogue on Norfolk Street is on Fire

Beth Hamedrash Hagadol was constructed in 1850 and hollowed out by three-alarm fire last May. The blaze was intentionally set by a teenager who purportedly was not charged. It had been a vacant house of worship since about 2007, but its owner, Rabbi Greenbaum often tried to redevelop the property. With demolition underway, there is a new plan for affordable senior housing onsite.

Rats caused this car fire, May 2017

A Family of Rats Set this Guy’s Car Ablaze on Rivington; Tony Hawk there to Film it

Never underestimate the true power of the New York City rat. One driver learned the hard way when the vermin chewed through his engine, sparking a fire. The kicker is that Tony Hawk was filming on the sidelines.

East Broadway Noodle House ‘Lam Zhou’ is Shuttered

Popular Chinatown noodle house, Lam Zhou, closed its East Broadway shop back in August. To the happiness of rabid fans, they were able to rebound with a new spot on the Bowery just a few months later.

Martin Scorsese Filming ‘The Irishman’ on Orchard Street Today

This was the first time the Netflix production filming on the Lower East Side, before the corner of Orchard and Broome was recreated in the image of Little Italy. The film is directed by Martin Scorsese and stars Robert de Niro, Joe Pesci, and Harvey Keitel. It’s a mob movie focusing on the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.

Webster Hall Sells for $35M to AEG Live and Barclays Center Ownership

Webster Hall sold out to AEG Live after 27 years in operation (it succeeded The Ritz). The deal was valued at roughly $35 million. The concert venue, owned by Unity Gallega, is currently closed and under renovations.

NYPD: Chinatown Streets Off Limits to ‘Placard Parking’

The 5th Precinct began cracking down on placard parking in and around the Chinatown streets. The NYPD and DOT reportedly distribute more than 100,000 placards a year, including to law enforcement at other agencies and to people with disabilities. However, there is plenty of abuse.

Recent Stories

Rosario’s Pizza will Look for a New LES Location

Losing Rosario’s Pizza, much like its old neighbor Bereket, is the elimination of yet another connection to the old Lower East Side. The pizza joint held down the northwest corner of Orchard and Stanton Streets for more than twenty years, and spent the preceding decades just around the corner. However, the retirement of manager/owner Sal […]

Captain and Owners Arrested for Liberty Belle Booze Cruise off Pier 36

The captain and owners of a popular Manhattan party boat were arrested for defying coronavirus social distancing mandates and embarking on a crowded cruise, authorities said Sunday. Shortly after 8:00pm Saturday night, the Liberty Belle, a four-story river boat with a capacity of 600 people, left Pier 36 (Basketball City) for a booze cruise. More […]

Fridays Under $40: Cheap and Chic

In our new Friday column, “Fridays Under $40,” Boogie contributor Sara Graham hits the streets to find cheap eats and affordable things to do during these weird times. Reason #23,081 to live in New York City: New Yorkers have the best sense of personal style. Where else can you see an octogenarian in mixed prints […]

Katz’s Deli Launches its Own Delivery Service

Katz’s Deli this week launched its own local delivery service, bypassing third-party sites. Customers can now go directly to the Katz’s website and place orders for delivery. They are kicking off the new functionality with free delivery for the first 132 customers, a nod to its time on the Lower East Side (code: SINCE1888). Delivery […]

The Volunteer Street Sweepers Scrubbing the Streets of Chinatown

In Chinatown, street sweeping has gone back to its literal roots. For the last several weeks, a small platoon of locals took on the responsibility of scrubbing down the main streets in Chinatown. It’s a weekly activity – early Saturday mornings – to help keep the setting clean for outdoor diners at the local restaurants. […]