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About those Ubiquitous Williamsburg Bridge Stickers You See Around the LES

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LESNYC has been around a long time. Well, in the new dog years of the Lower East Side, anyway. Once upon a time, businesses pushed six decades; now if they last six months, it’s a gosh-darn miracle. Despite that, the revolving door hasn’t pushed out Steve Hernandez because he is online.

An alumni of Masaryk Towers, Hernandez was born and raised on the LES, and is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Computer Art. And you’ve no doubt seen his stickers everywhere. Plastered across nearly every conceivable surface. LESNYC.

Hernandez tells us the obvious, that the Williamsburg Bridge of yore was the inspiration behind the logo.

“LESNYC was started to showcase my work,” he tells us. “The inspiration behind my logo was the bronze plaque that used to be at the Manhattan entrance of the Williamsburg Bridge (later moved to the pedestrian/bike path in the ’90s). I grew up living next to the Willy B., so as soon as I started designing the logo, I knew which direction I wanted to go.”

That plaque is now destroyed, but will hopefully be restored. Check out the imagery! Historic NYC still and always an inspiration. Man. I really wish it still looked like that.


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