Watch the 7th Precinct’s Rap Pitch for Area Youth [VIDEO]

Posted on: December 12th, 2017 at 9:12 am by

There’s reason for this rhyme…

The commanding officer of the Seventh Precinct alongside eight neighborhood coordination officers (NCO) recorded a rap track in a bid to connect with area youth.

The barebones bit begins with one officer lifting from the Drake hit (“Energy”), “I got energy, gotta lotta energy; tryin’ to give the ‘hood lots and lots of synergy.”

Commanding Officer Deputy Inspector Steven Hellman then jumps in donning a hoodie to add his two cents – “I’m the commander in chief, the 7 CO. Lettin’ ya’ll know how my NCOs flow.”

Each officer in the lineup follows and attempts to rhyme over the simple beat.

The video, first spotted by the New York Post, is apparently an outreach tool for awareness of the nascent Neighborhood Policing Initiative.

“That video was NEVER POSTED by the 7th or the NYPD; it was something we were working on to introduce the NCO program to the community,” Hellman told us in an email. “It leaked out and went viral, and is unfortunate that it’s receiving such negative feedback. Myself and the 7th have nothing but respect for our community.”

This NYPD program, launched back in September, aims to strengthen community-police relations across the city. The NCOs are conceived as liaisons between the police and the neighborhood, but also as key crime fighters and problem-solvers in the sector. They spend time familiarizing themselves with specific zones to better respond to neighborhood-specific crime and other conditions.

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