From the Displaced Tenants of 85 Bowery

Posted on: February 2nd, 2018 at 5:04 am by

The destabilized staircase at 85 Bowery, January 2018

The displaced tenants of 85 Bowery, homeless for the duration of “emergency” repairs on a destabilized staircase, have this to say about the situation.

We are the tenants of 85 Bowery who were kicked out of our apartments on January 25. Our lives were upturned and we have been living through a nightmare since, not only because of our current living situation but because of the uncertainty of our future. We are well aware that this is how the city has been displacing working families from our community and communities all around the city.

We want HPD to take responsibility for the 2 years they failed to enforce the court order for Betesh to make repairs. We also requested Betesh to pay for a hotel in Chinatown as soon as we got moved out, and he is now forced to do so after our continuous pressure. We think it is the least he can do. Some of our demands have been met but the most important ones have not. We will be at HPD again today at 3:30pm to make our demands and anger at the City’s ongoing inaction known and announce our plans to ensure we can return home as soon as possible. All who support our demands are welcome to join us.

We demand HPD:

  • Repair the building right away, so that we can return to our homes.
  • Prosecute the landlord Joseph Betesh for not repairing the building.

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