CM Chin Urges ‘Firm Deadline’ for 85 Bowery Tenants to Return Home

Posted on: June 19th, 2018 at 9:39 am by

Tenants are again pushing for direct city intervention in the ongoing saga of 85 Bowery. It’s been five months without a clear-cut timeframe as to when residents can return home; ambiguity is running rampant.

Yesterday, resident leaders held a press conference on the steps of 85 Bowery to draw attention to allegations that landlord Joseph Betesh (i.e. Bowery 8385, LLC) reneged on a negotiated deal to allow tenants to return home by August 31.

Betesh maintains that there was never an agreement, and that “our goal is to complete the necessary repair work at 85 Bowery by end of summer, barring unforeseen circumstances.”

After the press conference, Councilwoman Margaret Chin issued the following statement:

Five months after their displacement, 85 Bowery tenants continue to suffer with zero reassurance on when they can return home. I am requesting that city agencies clear the way for repairs to be completed on an emergency basis by expeditiously approving all necessary after-hours variances, inspections and other actions needed for their return. We must take decisive action to put an end to this nightmare for tenant families by giving the clarity that they demand and deserve.

This request for “a firm deadline for the completion of all remaining work be set and communicated to the tenants,” was sent via letter to the Deputy Mayor for Operations, Laura Anglin. (Letter is below.)

As previously reported, team Betesh responded to the press conference with the following:

Weeks ago, we stated publicly that our goal is to complete the necessary repair work at 85 Bowery by end of summer, barring unforeseen circumstances. That has not changed. At that time, we also noted that no agreement had been signed by either party in this case. That has not changed.

Apparently these facts have not stopped certain groups from continuing to make false statements about the situation regarding 85 Bowery, which helps no one.

CM Margaret Chin’s Letter to Deputy Mayor on 85 Bowery by BoweryBoogie on Scribd

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