Uncapped: The Unseen Letters of PG and His Tribute to DONDI

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Courtesy of NAT KOA (PG bottom right, red jacket, NAT bottom center, green jacket)

In December of 1998, PG (George Torres aka PGism) sent a letter to NAT KOA. It was a tribute letter to DONDI and in it was a simple request:

Courtesy of NAT KOA

Courtesy of NAT KOA

Courtesy of NAT KOA

On November 4, 1999, PG tragically died. He was only 36. A son, a brother and a father; the proverbial glue that kept a half-dozen graffiti crews together. For those who knew him well, he would say “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” He was right.

Along with the DONDI tribute, there are other letters from PG that NAT chose to share with us. In many, PG mentions Tabitha (DIVA). Last year, she shockingly passed away mere months after re-doing a PG tribute wall. The heartache palpable.

“My Brother.”

How many people out there refer to PG as their brother?  When these letters were penned (with impressive penmanship), we were so concerned about Y2K.  But the computers we feared would destroy our world waited at least another decade. Ironically, PG’s request was to make sure these ended up on the internet, a place where social media devours friendships, creates new beef, and births keyboard killers. How could he have known that his brothers would turn against each other behind phones and computer screens? Again, for those that knew him, PG represented hope. He would say “if I pass on don’t mourn me, break out the Colt 45.”

Courtesy of NAT KOA

What happens next is up to you. Brothers can continue fighting brothers. Or, seeing PG’s handwriting again, reading the correspondence in his baritone voice can be a reminder that, once upon a time, you were not defined by separate crews: VIC or TPA or KOA or FTR or YKK… You were family. His family.

So raise up a Colt 45 to PG. Here’s hoping the graffiti community finds its way back to that place. In honor of DONDI, in memory of all who have been lost like DIVA and for the sake of PG.

Rest in Peace and Paint.

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