Report: Los Feliz Denied Patron with Valid Puerto Rico ID

Posted on: March 4th, 2020 at 5:05 am by

An NYU senior was denied entry into Hell Square haunt, Los Feliz, last weekend because her Puerto Rican ID wasn’t deemed valid at the door.

Rebecca Gelpí, who is over 21 and studying journalism, was out with a group of friends, but her legal identification wasn’t enough for the bouncer.

According to a dispatch in Washington Square News, two of Gelpí’s friends, who had a U.S. passport card and a Washington State ID, entered the nine-year-old club without a problem. When she and her friend Lola Palerm – a New York Film Academy student – reached the door, the bouncer apparently became skeptical over the Puerto Rican driver’s licenses the two carried.

“He told us that he was uncomfortable with our form of ID, that it was invalid and we should leave immediately,” Gelpí told the paper.

The U.S. granted commonwealth status to Puerto Rico in 1952, but its citizens have been granted birthright citizenship since the Jones Act of 1917. For Gelpí and Palerm, who are both Puerto Rican natives, and are therefore automatic U.S. citizens, this incident was cane as a surprise.

Photo: Yelp

The two students are not alone in their allegations of discrimination. Other customers have allegedly been denied entry to Los Feliz for the same reason, according to Yelp reviews of the establishment.

“It is not our policy to deny Puerto Rican IDs,” bar manager Jeremy Hansen told WSN. “If any ID may appear to be fake and we cannot verify its authenticity, we may deny it. This has happened from everything to Pennsylvania IDs to Oregon IDs to, yes, even Puerto Rican IDs.”

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