Popular Face Mask Vending Machines Expand to Columbus Circle in Time for Phase 1 Reopening of the City

Posted on: June 8th, 2020 at 5:01 am by

Photo: RapidMask2Go

Those popular face mask vending machines are expanding out of the Lower East Side.

We’re told that RapidMask2Go placed another kiosk, albeit further uptown. This one is located in the Turnstyle Market at Columbus Circle.

As with the others, it features KN95 masks on sale ($3), with the intention of including hand sanitizer and gloves.

“We scrambled to get this in place for the phase one reopening commute [this morning],” owner David Edelman tells us.

Phase one of the city’s reopening plan allows for construction, manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries to resume operations. Retail stores can also operate with limited in-store and curbside pickup.

Edelman’s company made headlines with the machines back in April. Since then, the single Delancey Street placement became three, and someone is onsite daily to stock. And the machines are quite popular with the locals, who have become protective. So much so, that a Good Samaritan recently  stopped a hooligan from tossing a brick through the glass.

“People are also protective of them. The other day I was down there and someone was going to throw a brick through the window. Then a guy from the neighborhood stopped him and was like this is where we get masks for our family.”

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