Fireworks and ‘Wild West’ Lawlessness at Pier 35

Posted on: July 6th, 2020 at 5:00 am by

Pier 35 on the July 4 holiday was crazy, according to several reader reports. An extension of the nightly fireworks that have plagued the pandemic shutdown for months. However, as neighbors noted, the Independence Day iteration of pyrotechnics lasted much longer – eight straight hours.

Neighbors tell us that at least 300 hundred people were in the vicinity, with dozens of vendors selling fireworks, alcohol, and the like. The incendiaries were mostly shot from the pier itself, as well as the area surrounding Rutgers Slip and South Street. It lasted until 3:00am.

Cracks in windows from fireworks, Photo: Ishmael Alvarado

“Many [of the fireworks] hit buildings, parked cars, residents etc.,” another tipster told us. “It was absolute madness.”

Several residents within earshot also reported cracks in their windows from the sonic-booms.

Photo: 311

As a result, thousands of complaints from the Two Bridges neighborhood flooded 311 and the 7th Precinct. Everything from “noise” to “illegal fireworks” and “violation of park rules.” Some neighbors pointed out that calls were sometimes marked as “unfounded” or “gone on arrival” minutes after being placed.

Photo: Ishmael Alvarado

That there is apparent lawlessness on Pier 35 is not new during these pandemic times.

Despite local efforts to keep Pier 35 a family park, the road hasn’t been easy. Seniors and families are oftentimes forced out daily by individuals bent on lawlessness – constant drug and open alcohol use. There are no public bathrooms, so people are urinating all over the place including the plants and lawn areas. Every morning the place is littered with liquor bottles and drug paraphernalia reminiscent of post concerts.

And although the Parks Department is tasked with securing and maintaining the area, patrols and enforcement are a rarity.

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