Fridays Under $40: Scared with a Sandwich

Posted on: September 25th, 2020 at 5:03 am by

Photo: Sara Graham

In our Friday column, “Fridays Under $40,” Boogie writer Sara Graham again hits the streets to find cheap eats and affordable things to do during these weird times.

In this edition, we’re staying inside for under $40. After I returned from a trip to Delaware to see my parents for the first time in almost a year, I realized any travelers from the First State (and 34 other states) qualify for quarantine. Lucky me! Naturally, it was time for some expensive takeout to go along with a movie (or three).

Wanting to avoid Grubhub, who famously gouge already-hurting restaurants with exorbitant fees on phone lines and apps, I discover that Golden Diner, the Two Bridges Asian diner, delivers through Toast Now, which charges a minimal fee or none, depending on the restaurant’s point of sale. I order the Vegitalian Hero ($14), with charred yuba marinated in Italian dressing, then stacked with carrots, cucumber, lettuce and finished with a spicy red pepper sauce and tofu mayo. It’s served on sesame bread from Parisi bakery, a Little Italy favorite, thus solidifying its status as a sandwich that’s a Little Italy and a little Chinatown. I upgrade to get fries ($3.50) and order the Golden punch, because, screw it (it has red wine, soju and passionfruit puree, $12) and search for a movie to stream.

Photo: Sara Graham

Cost: $38.54
Golden Diner, 123 Madison Street
Hours: 10AM-10PM, closed Mondays

Because things right now are downright scary: an anticipated second wave of COVID; An upcoming election in which our very democracy hangs in the balance; And, October, the spookiest season of all, is just around the corner! I spend my free time lately on a horror movie binges. There’s something about a horrific, fictional scenario being played out in front of my eyes that gives me confidence that I can overcome my own feelings of anxiety. And I’m not alone according to some experts at Psychology Today.

I decided to experience the underbelly of New York City from the comforts of my own home and watched C.H.U.D. (Amazon Prime), a classic B-movie from 1989 that could be seen as a critique on classism—the divide amongst yuppie gentrifiers and the ignored homeless population— but I might be giving it too much credit. Give it a watch and decide for yourself.

Price: $0

Scared of these times and want to quell your anxiety? Here’s a list of other terrible (and some fantastic) horror movies:

Prom Knight (Shudder)
Brain Damage (Shudder)
It Comes At Night (Netflix)
Silence of the Lambs (Netflix)
Carrie (Rent on Amazon)
Poltergeist (Netflix)
Friday the 13th 5: Jason Takes Manhattan (Amazon)
Hellraiser 2 (Shudder)
Halloween 4 (Rent on Amazon)
Phantasm (Shudder)
The Burning (Shudder)
The Beyond (Shudder)

Total cost: $38.54
Costs recorded do not include tip. Tip generously. Wear a mask.

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