The Chic COVID Test in Little Italy that Costs $300

Posted on: October 23rd, 2020 at 5:06 am by

In a clash between the Pre-Covid New York CIty and the new, abnormal, meet Rapid Test NYC. This new endeavor brings boutique COVID-19 testing to Little Italy, with its no-wait rapid swab testing at 232 Elizabeth Street.

No lines and a posh waiting room await the discerning citizen looking for immediate results. The interior has a spa-like feel courtesy of the former NEST fragrance shop whose floral wall decor still occupies the storefront. Hints of unessential, high-priced candles and reed diffusers still linger. Only these testers aren’t for sniffing the aroma of juniper berry and smoked vanilla, but long-stem cotton swabs for deep penetration of your nasal cavity.

The cost of a same day, full, capitalist-realist covid-test treatment is between $250 and $300, based on walk-in estimates that Bowery Boogie surveyed. However, this expense can potentially be deferred, at least in part, if you submit the receipt for reimbursement to your healthcare provider.

While some locals have balked at the operation setting up shop in the trendy locale, others found  its presence reassuring and the shop has had steady business since opening on Wednesday. The staff at Rapid Test NYC hopes the facility will become part of the neighborhood’s recovery and plans to be around for at least six months.

The results aren’t any nosier than that of public tests done for free at the cost of the Federal Government. The manager of Rapid Test NYC says that they will only report the results to the city’s database as required by state law. The new boutique, chic COVID-testing spot also offers an antibody blood test that doesn’t require releasing your info to a list of the haves and have nots.

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