In Conversation with Crimefaces: The Definitive Interview

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BB: How do you think he got to you?

AC: I think he just found it on Instagram.

BB: How it did that make you feel? I know that’s corny.

AC: Like I’m on to something, that’s all.

BB: You are. Your gift of gab, the extensive vocabulary. It pulls people in!

AC: Thank you! I started to value what I got and I said now is the time to turn this into a real business. I made the name then the logo- the green ski mask is catchy. I started to see the business potential in it.

BB: How many followers do you have now?

AC: 300k + organic, no fake followers, not one robot.

BB: And how many are graffiti writers?

AC: I’m not sure.

BB: I  am, like, 200 plus.

AC: Oh, shit! Yeah, the graffiti dudes, they have been good to me because a lot of them are New Yorkers and creatives and they see what I’m doing and it makes them feel familiar. My content resonates.

BB: What are you up to now?

AC:  I’m more focused on brand building as opposed to taking the easy money. I want to keep the integrity of the brand and the page. No easy money flat tummy tea for me. (laughter). We obviously have merch, it’s in the UK, Australia and in Japan. My voice is very distinct.

BB: No shit.

AC: I’m doing voice over and animation work, a podcast. We have a marketing company, on camera TV work. Movies and documentaries. Something for Mario Machete. We are getting into all aspects of digital content.

BB: When can we expect to see all of this?

AC: It all got pushed back because of COVID, so early 2021. I collaborated up with a some companies to do exciting projects.

BB: That’s amazing.

AC: Thank you. I feel like voice is the future. A lot of top thinkers and tech people feel the same. Voice is voice-overs, animation, narrating, and all these new apps- tech guys- they are all voice driven; it’s kinda like a big wave in tech.

I’m infusing New York City culture: the hip hop, the fashion the graffiti- the NY culture is not only rap music. Digital content is king. Bring the culture to digital content. I want my voice in Pixar.  I want to be in Finding Nemo 3!

BB:  Who are you going be in that?

AC: A chubby fish that knows karate and can fix cars.

BB: (laughter) What would your name be?

AC: I gotta think, maybe, um THE BONZAI FISH. (laughter). Crimefaces is about positivity, and opportunity. Helping others because I see a lane to help others. I’m amazed at all the talented people I’ve met online. Painters, writers photographers, clothing designers… all these creators! I celebrate anybody that’s doing the work, their passion is in it, and I gravitate to them.  Two heads are better than one! I want to build a brand and provide an opportunity to create together.

BB: Do you want to talk about what we are going to be working on?

AC: Yeah, sure! We connect with the graffiti and the culture and Bowery Boogie Uncapped is the source of the history of it. You’re the liaison to connect Crimefaces with all these talented artists and we will work on different projects and art shows and events once things get back around.  Boogie is a very authentic New York City grassroots company that embodies and celebrates the culture. Anybody who does that? I support it.

BB: Thank you.

AC:  The authenticity stands out when people have passion behind it and you stand out.

BB: Who else is on your team?

AC: My man, Vin Major works behind the scenes. We have many people with us that see our vision. Vin does a lot of PR and marketing and strategic planning. Throughout this whole year and a half, we have met a lot of people who want to be part of what we are building.  Dice The god…he is doing the fashion line. He’s the creative director. He has worked with the likes of ALIFE, Drake, Kanye, and Mike Epps.

BB: That’s what’s up! Nice title.

AC: And you will be our Urban Historian. That’s a dope title, too.

BB: Can I put that in my bio?

AC:  Yeah. Welcome to Crimefaces.

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