Pest Infestation Pushes Stanton Street Tenants to Sue Croman for 3rd Time in 4 Years

Posted on: March 17th, 2021 at 5:04 am by

Steve Croman’s 159 Stanton Street

Embattled tenants of 159 Stanton Street are again suing ex-con landlord Steve Croman. This time over a severe rodent infestation.

According to a release from the Cooper Square Committee, residents are battling mice and roaches, owed largely to an upscaling project that dates back five years. More than half of the apartments, several of which were gutted, have reportedly been unoccupied during the interim. The building also counts at least eight open Housing and Preservation Department violations, many of which are for the pest infestation.

The legal action against Croman, who served eight months of a one-year sentence for crimes relating to his real estate dealings, represents the third lawsuit brought against the controversial landlord in the last four years.

“The reported conditions at 159 Stanton Street are a serious violation of our housing standards and I strongly support the tenants’ efforts to hold the Steve Croman accountable,” said Brian Kavanagh, Chair of the State Senate Housing Committee, which represents the residents of 159 Stanton.

Photo: Cooper Square Committee

“Mr. Croman and his company are notorious for the longstanding pattern of disrepair, neglect, and harassment that we have witnessed again and again in his buildings. My staff and I are committed to working with the tenants and our colleagues in government to address all illegal and unsafe conditions in this building.”

“I kid you not, I saw the first mouse on Lunar New Year’s Day of the Year of the Rat. But now that it’s the Year of the Ox, they keep on coming,” said Weiben Wang of the 159 Stanton Street Tenants Association, “I put out humane mouse traps, and released close to 40 of them back into the great outdoors. I have photos to prove it.”

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