Seward Park Co-op General Manager Stepping Down After 13 Years

Posted on: March 3rd, 2021 at 5:02 am by

Yesterday afternoon, Seward Park Co-op members were informed that the general manager is stepping down next month.

Frank Durant, who has managed the complex since 2008, cited personal reasons for the departure, effective April 1.

His replacement is Brendan Keany, formerly the General Manager at Penn South. Below is the memo from the Board of Directors posted yesterday.

Dear Neighbors,

Frank Durant recently informed the Board of Directors that he will be stepping away from his role as General Manager of Seward Park Cooperative, effective April 1, 2021. We received this news with very mixed emotions.

We are of course saddened, because we recognize that Frank’s leaving feels like a huge loss to our co-op. He has been an exemplary and dedicated leader who regularly made the good of our community his highest priority.

We are profoundly grateful for having had Frank manage our collective home for the past 13 years; he has been instrumental in helping us grow into the vibrant community that we are today. He came in at a time when the Board and prior management company were widely perceived as dysfunctional and self-serving. He immediately began the long and arduous process of professionalizing and modernizing the co-op’s processes and systems. Most importantly, he — and his staff — have literally put their lives on the line and protected ours since the start of the pandemic.

We are also happy for Frank. He is expecting his first grandchild in the near future. He recently purchased and is renovating a home upstate. He will return to Imperial House, on the Upper East Side, where he had built his career and qualifications prior to coming to Seward Park Cooperative. While he is not retiring, he will be overseeing drastically fewer units in a single building, allowing him much more time to spend with his growing family.

Frank has told us that, out of a sense of loyalty to our co-op and pride in what he has accomplished here, he would not be leaving unless he knew there was a replacement General Manager capable of stepping into the role and continuing our upward trajectory. Frank has known Brendan Keany, recently the former General Manager at Penn South, for many years. The Board interviewed and met with Brendan on multiple occasions. Every Board member agrees on two points: first, that Frank has been a treasure for the co-op; and second, that it would be hard to imagine finding a better replacement than Brendan. Since his unanimous approval by the Board, Brendan has been shadowing Frank and attending Board meetings and methodically integrating himself into the position. We look forward to introducing Brendan to shareholders in the near future.

On behalf of the Board and shareholders, you have our deepest gratitude, Frank! Our lives and homes are immeasurably better because of your hard work and friendship over the past 13 years.

Welcome, Brendan! We look forward to working with you.

A previous version of the article noted a current rumor circulating that the co-op is in arrears. The co-op President tells us unequivocally, “the Seward Park Co-op is not in financial arrears.”

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