Lands End II Tenants Demand Transparency Over Parking Lot Closure Related to New Towers

Posted on: April 28th, 2021 at 5:06 am by

The parking lot behind Lands End II

Tenants at Lands End II on the Lower East Side waterfront are faced with a difficult prospect in the literal backyard. The rear perimeter parking lot is the stage for a gargantuan 700-foot development, and now those car owners are essentially out of luck.

Buts it’s the messaging that has some residents worried.

Related Companies, the new owner of the Section 8 housing complex – L+M/CIM sold it but kept the lot – distributed letters to residents twice this month, relaying that drivers must relocate or be towed. Per a press release from tenant leader Tanya Castro-Negron, the “notification was unsigned, vague, and delivered on behalf of Related and a fictitious management company.” (According to the deed “restrictions” on the lot, L+M/CIM is required to provide temporary parking spots for the duration of construction, on- or off-site.)

Apparently, said company is relocating parking around the corner to the perimeter of Rutgers Park, an area that tenants allege was not approved by Department of Buildings or Department of Environmental Protection. It’s a space with heavy activity by children and seniors.

“We are asking for the support of our elected officials to investigate this matter engaging the elected resident association as the advocates of the residents, to protect the seniors and families of Lands End II,” Castro-Negron said in a statement.

As previously reported, L+M/CIM partnered with Handel Architects for the two-towered project that is to add 1.1 million square-feet of floor area. Both super-talls will altogether include 1,350 apartments with more than 300 earmarked as affordable; retail spaces are also anticipated on the Cherry Street front, including the possibility of a grocery or pharmacy. The displaced parking for Lands End II Section 8 residents will ultimately return to a subterranean lot upon completion.

A Two Bridges Associates spokesperson sent along ghe following statement:

We are performing routine sub-surface investigation in the parking lot to inform the design of our planned project. This work is temporary, will last several weeks and is unrelated to construction of the building, which has not begun. All resident parking has been temporarily relocated to a side parking lot on the same block. No residents with spots will go without parking during this period, and no park space will be impacted. We appreciate the cooperation of the residents.

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