The ‘Goodnight Moon’ House on Orchard Street

Posted on: April 15th, 2021 at 5:07 am by

Photo: Fort Makers

On lower Orchard Street, there was a telephone, and a landlord tycoon, and an art show depicting … Goodnight Moon.

Hosted by Fort Makers, the new exhibit at 38 Orchard brings Margaret Wise Brown’s 1947 children’s book Goodnight Moon to life, via a three-dimensional installation. “Goodnight House” is the work of fourteen commissioned artists who were tasked with reinventing the memorable visuals – like that dreamy night sky – originally illustrated by Clement Hurd.

“We asked each artist to further rekindle their childlike understanding of the world around them and create objects uninhibited by the horrors of adulthood,” Fort Makers co-founder and creative director Nana Spears said in a statement. “What better remedy than comfort and play?”

Decades later, Brown’s story continues to entertain, but also prompts some valid questions. Like “Why is there a bowl full of mush – who didn’t eat their mush?” “Why is there a page that says goodnight to nobody?” “Why does the bunny have an animal skin rug in its room?” “What kind of world is this where kittens and mice live together happily, while an adult rabbit knits?” We may never know.

The whimsical exhibit is currently on view at the collective’s gallery (38 Orchard) through May 27.

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