ABA Super Gift

Canal Depot Opens at 26 Canal Street

Posted April 28, 2010 at 6:12 am

Tchotchkes are out, chairs in at 26 Canal Street. Back in October, ABA Super Gift closed its ground level operation at the corner of Rutgers, citing the all too familiar lost lease as primary culprit.  Now, six months later, there are some newcomers. And they aren’t selling snow globes.

ABA Super Gift Loses Lease

Posted October 13, 2009 at 6:10 am

The modest corner variety store at 26 Canal Street – ABA Super Gift – recently lost its lease and will be vacating the premises sometime next month.  Beneath a yellow sign announcing its doom, shoppers rifle through bins of various tchotchkes – irregular packs of underwear and socks, decades-old boxes of unopened baseball cards (gum […]