Yelp Heat Map Illustrates Yuppie Takeover of Lower East Side

Posted July 3, 2013 at 10:11 am

Using Yelp’s new word map creation, a user can handily gauge benchmark social phenomena across the Five Boroughs.


Where in the World is the Lower East Side?

Last modified May 17, 2013 at 2:14 pm

For many, there’s no question that New York City is the center of the universe. But every now and then, due to circumstances beyond control, one must leave Gotham, albeit for a minute or permanently.


Map Showing Where the Missed Connections Occur in Each State

Posted February 20, 2013 at 1:27 pm

One social cartographer out there created a map that outlines the location where such encounters transpire in each state.

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Imagining Street Maps in Song

Posted February 6, 2013 at 10:23 am

Take the “Highway to Hell” to the “Road to Nowhere.”

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Jenni Sparks’ Hand Drawn Maps of New York

Last modified January 22, 2013 at 11:24 am

Jenni Sparks, based out of London, has illustrated with incredible detail, the majority of New York.

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Apple Maps Endorses “LoDel” Neighborhood Moniker

Posted November 21, 2012 at 6:28 am

First it was Bing maps, and now Apple has already followed suit.

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5 Apple Maps Navigational Blunders on the LES [List]

Posted September 27, 2012 at 10:25 am

The new mapping client for iPhones is not only providing apocalyptic satellite views of cityscapes, it’s also giving incorrect directions to certain establishments on the Lower East Side.


Apple’s iOS6 Maps Reveal City Apocalypse

Posted September 20, 2012 at 10:25 am

With the release of iOS6 yesterday, Apple fanboys (and girls) took to the internetz and created a comical new meme.

The 50 State Movie Map

Posted August 2, 2012 at 6:48 am

Remember that annoying song from childhood to help remember all fifty states in the union? Yup, that one.

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Google Maps Now Shows NYC Subway Alerts

Posted August 1, 2012 at 11:19 am

The official MTA website is totally bunk. Not only is the domain extension confusing and forgettable (it’s a .info), but navigating their online portal should be considered an olympic sport in itself.

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